Tea With Dragons

I’m constantly inspired by the power of storytelling and visual-auditory narratives, which led me to create Tea With Dragons to share the stories I couldn’t find. It’s is a YouTube channel and podcast with 3 different series: “Tea Time”, “Humans in Tech”, and “True Tea”, produced with my friend at Shibui Motifs. “Tea Time” is an exploration into the vast world of tea and tea culture that I fell in love with years ago, as part of a cross-coast collaboration with my friend at Tea With Inga (together we make up The Tea Collective, a professional tea advisory). “Humans In Tech” is a personal dive into unconventional and underrated people in the tech industry with unique stories who are attempting to live their best life. “True Tea” is where I try to be both vulnerable and helpful, sharing glimpses into my life, my thoughts, and tangible tips about making a living as a creative independent in the world of tech.